Peanut Butter Topping

Peanut Butter Topping:

» Smooth consistency
» Melt-in-your-mouth quality
» Excellent blending properties

» Flows like hot fudge, but requires no heating
» Adheres to ice cream or soft serve beautifully
» Tastes terrific with hot fudge or chocolate, nuts, marshmallow, crunches, bananas and other fruits

            Proven applications include:

† As a background in hard-frozen food or as a flavor in a shake or malt.
† As a topping - by itself, or with many other flavors such as hot fudge.
† As a variegate in frozen food.
† As a highlight flavor in special frozen-food products such as cakes or pies.

... Other applications include Peanut Butter Smoothies or Shakes and Peanut Butter Latte. This pourable Peanut Butter is also Great for Baking and Cooking.

Available in sizes ranging from a 6.5 lbs food Service can, 45 lbs pails, and 340 lbs to 500 lbs drums.