Our Environment

"Superior Nut has a strong social and environmental commitment in its mission to produce the finest nut products in the world. We have been recognized with a prestigious Environmental Merit Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for our carbon-offset forest development in Central America. These forest plantations will eventually absorb all the carbon dioxide we emit as an energy consuming food manufacturing plant. This is an efficient model for every business in this country to reduce it's emissions that cause global warming." Harry Hintlian, President of Superior Nut Company, Inc.

Fossil fuels are necessary for industry and commerce. Yet, one by-product of burning these fossil fuels is carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas which causes global warming. To stabilize the atmosphere, we must work towards creating a carbon-balanced community in which, in addition to energy efficiency and conservation, we balance emissions with long-term sequestration in productive farm forests.

"Climate change is the major global environmental challenge of our time. In order to deal with it in the most cost-effective way, we need to consider a range of solutions and that includes carbon storage in forests. If we ignore the potential for forest-based sequestration, any projection of the costs and feasibility of addressing climate change is going to be overly pessimistic and wrong." Eileen Claussen, Director of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, Jan. 2005.

Together with Reforest The Tropics, Inc, a non-profit organization, Superior Nut has analyzed its emissions of carbon dioxide and funded forest plantations in Costa Rica designed to absorb its carbon dioxide emissions for the next 25-30 years and beyond.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, storing the carbon in the form of wood, and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. Tropical trees grow year-around and are especially cost-effective.

Long-term carbon storage in farm forests may be feasible if the forests are productive and profitable enough for the farmer to add this source of income permanently to his current crops.

Farmers benefit from the economic diversification expected from this Superior Co.-sponsored program, incentives for planting, free technical assistance to establish the forests, and help in managing their forests.

In addition to offsetting US CO2 emissions, the forests are designed to provide food for endangered wildlife, to be source of clean, steady-flowing water for local towns, and to offer opportunities for recreation.

Superior Nut was the first company in New England to establish new tropical forests to compensate for its carbon emissions in this manner. Superior Nut is proud of being the major sponsor of the activities of Reforest The Tropics; since 1997.

"Superior should be recognized for its significant role in funding the development of this option for managing U.S. carbon emissions. Reforest The Tropics has received several awards, and its program has been accepted for use in the State Of Connecticut. We look forward to the expansion of this model to other emitters in the coming years as the U.S. and its corporations begin to manage their emissions more effectively for the benefits of all." Dr Herster Barres, Director of Reforest The Tropics.